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Hello Everyone

I am Ummey Salma. This is my second Ed-tech class in my Master’s Program. Though I am not a tech savvy at all, but my previous course experience has triggered me to take another Ed-tech course. When I was doing the previous course, I felt that how much more I should know about using technology in my teaching practice. Some of my best picks from the other Ed-tech class was my shift of thinking that how simple tools are mentioned as technology in education which I considered were not and the other one was using a blog for the first time to share each-other’s thoughts and experience on so many topics.

I am international student from Bangladesh. I was teaching science for a long time in school. While teaching I was felt how using technological tools in my classroom could make teaching more understandable and interesting. But honestly, as an educator I barely had that opportunity to use them in my classroom or even at school.

Do not judge me saying that due to Covid I finally for some chance and learn to know how engage technology to a significant extent in my classroom. But I am sure of that those classrooms back home have extremely limited access to technology when classes are in person. It is because of the huge number of the students in classroom with very limited tech resource. I really hope and pray that all the students in schools back home have access to technology in the classroom in near future.

Thanks and Have a wonderful day.

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