“What is Convenience to you is Independence to US”

“What is Convenience to you is Independence to US”- Jeff Paradee

I truly believe this statement made by Jeff Paradee who has turned his disability to creative ability. I have seen some people from my own surrounding that how their life is considered worthless and unproductive with any kind of disabilitities. After knowing about so many supportive technologies from the readings and videos, I was thinking about so many of students from back home who had to left their mainstream studies due the lack of assistive educational technologies. I never knew some of these technologies even existed. My mind was busy with making connections with those of my stronger brained children and which tool or tech they might have used. At the same time, I was thinking that are my students able to afford them?  If they are capable, do they have the access to these supportive techs.  In inclusive classrooms, the learning outcome for especially abled children can be so high with proper supply of assistive tools.  For only lack of proper support for them, we might be losing some supremely talented painters, writers, engineers or a sportsman and most importantly a beautiful childhood.  We have so many examples of the great contribution by the kids or adults with disability which make us to think that we are not limited by the disability; we are limited by the access and finance.

Thanks to those tools and technology which has made these access possible to many. One great example is Google design UX. I like this video which not only focus on the great addition to the system, but also discussed how investing on these assistive tools can both benefit the disable people all around the world , but also focused on the probable bright economic features for the investors if  they target this sector.

3 thoughts on ““What is Convenience to you is Independence to US”

  1. Hi Ummey,
    Thank you for sharing your perspective, including the limited access to these technologies in your home country. I think inclusivity and accessibility are things we take for granted in Canada….of course, there is still much more work to be done here, too. As a teacher, it is always difficult to see and know the assistive technology that would help students, but be unable to provide access to it. The global cost for assistive tech is criminal in my mind, as everyone should have equitable opportunities to learn. Thank you again for your thoughtful post.

  2. Hi ummey
    Great post ummey. I totally agree with you most of teachers have no enough knowledge to use the assistive technology in inclusive classroom.Moreover many schools have no enough funding to buy these tools especially in India many schools are not agree to teach special children in general classroom because they have no gadgets to teach them. Moreover teacher also have no training to use assistive technology.

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