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I have always enjoyed the virtual world as it has given me an undiscovered taste that I could never imagine in reality. The difference between the real world and the virtual world is mainly based on our imagination. That is if you want to connect something else in the real world, that is, naturally, if I think that I will make such a statue inside my city or I will build a skyscraper structure, but it is absolutely impossible on a practical basis. Virtual reality is helping us in this case. We can use our imagination to create any plot we want and it will be brought to us on a real basis by the technology that is Virtual Reality.

I’ve personally been a big fan of virtual reality since the beginning. Virtual reality has now spread to education, cinema, and a variety of technologies that are now used in everything from space science to medicine to meteorology. Even in medical and military training and in business virtual meetings are increasingly being used. Now we know that a distinct type of virtual reality technology is emerging which we call Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Sometimes they are also defined as extended reality (ER).

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I am really surprised now to feel how virtual reality alters our senses like the immersive superiority of virtual reality, better our viewing and hearing capabilities, is so powerful that, when it comes to expressing stories or setting us in a different environment, I just completely disappear into another world. This unnerving feeling that affects our body is about the gap between where we really are and the info that is acknowledged by our eyes and ears Altered the scenes.

I have come to understand that virtual reality is not just about the Optic Split and Google Insubstantial, or transporting us into totally different or completely unknown places. At the heart of the technology is that all God’s creatures that have been automated into the VR experience can be entirely imaginary or imitate reality. That is in part how Pokémon Go attractions its success.

That ‘mixed reality or ‘augmented reality has been tendered for gaming, but it sometimes also has applications to help with the most ordinary tasks, and devices could show you the name of that neighbour who is passing by.

In case of implementations to improve our health, VR has a variety of applications for everyone around us in our daily life. It can also have stunning uses. If we think that a doctor has a skill that other doctors don’t have i.e. only he can operate and he is on vacation, maybe in another country.  Well in that case there will be no problem, they can put their receiver on and switch a robot in the operating room that is going to duplicate their program (Improve your health)

By plotting out our digital surroundings, whether they are real or fictional, VR will take the training of pilots toward entirely new levels. It will also give the opportunity to prepare soldiers by empowering them to know the topography before they are actually released on the battleground. Virtual reality lends the situation perfectly to generating fictional universes and finding every day new ways of telling immersive levels.

A few examples can be given of how VR & AR can be useful in our education. For example, through Class VR, students can take any kind of virtual field trip or visit anywhere. If the teacher wants to show the students about any such visit or trip, it can be shown very comfortably in the classroom. This is a unique example in the field of VR technology education. If we want to understand how chemical elements will act under dissimilar conditions simply looking at the periodic table and chemical compounds can be hard to imagine. Using augmented reality in ClassVR, apprentices can hold elements and compounds in their hands and easily comprehend structural or dimensional changes in molecules (Hands-on Learning).

Being able to deliberate creatively gives our learners the opening to increase problem-solving skills, teamwork and effectiveness needed for the future and the ordinary workplace.

8 thoughts on “Bringing Complex subjects to life

  1. I agree that the technology behind virtual reality is quite incredible. I remember the first time trying it out at a friend’s house and being shocked at how far technology had lept forward. That said I worry about how enticing and immersive these simulations have become, especially when it comes to young children. As it is I am having a difficult time separating my students from their devices as their phones have become the centre of their worlds. I wonder how difficult it will be to motivate them when they can literally escape their own reality at any moment. I am not sure how a mathematics lesson can compete with that.

  2. I do truly believe that VR can unwrap so many possibilites with how complex it is and engaging it is. I do have concerns with introducing this within the classroom due to the privacy issues Heller (2020) discussed and ensuring students are not over stimulating/cognitively overloaded. I also fear that students will spend too much time on technology, as this already poses as an issue with cell phones, iPads and Chromebooks. On the flip side, the video you posted is UNREAL! It is amazing what VR can offer in terms of education and enjoyment. I am just not sure it is suitable to be in the classroom full time. Thanks for your post!

  3. Hey Ummey,
    thank-you for your post. I also agree with Raegyn & Matthew that the opportunities that VR can provide our students and people in general are incredible, but I get a pit in my stomach thinking about the ways that our students are so disconnected from reality and the impact that could potentially be having on mental health. I attended a talk by Dr. Jodi Carrington who shared a statistic that the generations of students we have now, look at their families, friends, peers 70% less than the generation ahead of them. The connection that humans need for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness is happening 70% less for our students than it did for us. This can be attributed to the busy lives that parents/caregivers and students are living, but also to the devices and technology that distracts us. Schools seems to be a place for many students where device usage is reduced drastically due to rules surrounding devices. This space promotes peer interaction and being present. It is slightly unnerving to think about VR becoming the norm in our schools, and removing one of the few spaces that asks students to be present.

  4. Hii ummey
    Thanks for your sharing blog post. I totally agree with you virtual reality helps the students to get knowledge about real world and I am also a science teacher and to learn about the chemical compounds it is good source but these type of technology is not available in every schools. Most of schools have no funding to but it. Moreover virtual reality not provide actual real like experience.

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