Assessment Technologies

Assessment Technologies

After more than a year when everything is returning to normal, today teachers are looking for how to teach more accurately. They then looked at technology and thought about how to assess students online in a way that would be very seamless and students would participate very spontaneously.

Why did we choose this tool?

The pandemic has increased the importance of technology in many ways, especially in the classroom on how to effectively educate students in a more meaningful and educational environment. When students are not in class, virtual learning has become one of the most compelling mediums where students, teachers, and families connect to a new way of life and move forward with learning through accessible technology. The coronavirus crisis has shown the extent of damage to learning in the academy. At the same time, this crisis has also shown how efficient technology is lacking and how necessary digital skills are in education. It has also happened that some students are almost a year behind in their education because of this coronavirus. During the Corona Virus Pandemic, when we are worried about education, how to keep the students learning, then how to provide education to the students through digital means came to our mind. Because due to the obligation of physical presence, we teachers had no other option but digital learning. We introduced various types of digital education-based systems in our institute. One such beautiful platform was Google Forms.

Challenges to getting set up to use the tool

Google Forms or any kind of digital learning system that has never been used before is suddenly difficult to implement in a classroom. Although now every student has a smartphone or a laptop in hand, still bringing these two digital instruments in front of everyone as a means of receiving and imparting education and mentally accepting it is a time-consuming task. An instrument that has always been used as a means of entertainment suddenly becomes usable as an educational instrument or takes a lot of getting used to. On top of that, it was a big challenge to educate the family members of each student in the same way through digital media. But the concerted efforts of our teachers and school management to bring the family members of the students for one-on-one counselling was a difficult and time-consuming affair but went successfully.

Student response to the tool

But the most gratifying thing was the participation of the students. Students have always embraced something new i.e., learning through a digital medium with great enthusiasm. It seems to me that many of our teachers have problems using such technology rather than the students.

How did we use the tool for an assessment?

Using Google Forms as an assessment technology was new to me but very cool. As a science teacher, it was a wonderful experience for me to interact with students through Google Forms and assess their learning on various subjects. Students were very lively in Google Forms like any kind of quiz when I asked students to answer through Google Forms creating a competitive atmosphere their responses and results were very interesting. For example, if I took a 40-minute class online with them I would complete it with two-sided questions and answers. Then I would ask them some pre-made questions which were different types of math concepts through the equation, graphs, and statistical displays. While as a Science teacher, I can implant an experiment video into google forms and prepare several complex, related, and comprehension science questions based on the video.

Measuring Educational Effectiveness

Classroom interactions between teachers & learners with the help of technology are valuable sources of information. They are filled with actions that give instructors good opportunities to make valuations. Educational assessments can be either formative or summative: Measuring Educational Effectiveness.

  • Formative – uninterruptedly monitoring students while they are in online classroom learning. These assessments help learners very effectively to identify their strengths and weaknesses easily and target areas that need to work.
  • Summative – assessing student education at the end of an academic unit, usually through tests, exams and other final projects.

Technology is used in each type of valuation but offers quick visions when used to identify knowledge gaps in formative assessments Measuring Educational Effectiveness.

Google Form is a free formative online tool from Google which allows handlers to make forms, reviews, and quizzes as well as to effectively manage and share the forms with any other people. Teachers can use Google forms free from google learning to assess their students at any time of the class and measure pre-existing knowledge. Additionally, Google forms can be cast-off to give responses to and receive feedback from apprentices and maternities. As well as, students can use Google forms or any other assessment technologies provided by institutions to evaluate their own learning and can set their learning targets as well as gather data for their research projects Google Forms. Instructors generally can use Google forms for any informative purposes for their classes. For example, they can create a Google form to collect links or information to students’ projects in a single database.

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