Teaching is a Complex Process: Audio-Visual Learning

Teaching is a complex process in which learner behaviour plays an important role, especially in today’s era of science and technology. Professor (Dr.) Prem Sunder, Principal of Darsh College of Education, Gohana, Haryana, India has conducted research (The Effectiveness of Audio-Visual Aids in Teaching Learning Process) which is an example of how audio and visual collaboration in both teaching and learning can help transform a country’s education system. His experiments with teachers and students simplify the educational system with using of technology. Education plays a major role in the development of a nation. In his experiment, 20 teachers and 100 students including female and male teachers and learners were recruited from private and government schools.

At present, there are various models and techniques that exist to make the process of teaching more effective and important for learning. The use of audio-visual aids gives chances for innovative and creative practices in the classrooms. Artificial aids help teachers to explain concepts and other models very easily and effectively to learners. The study of Professor (Dr.) Prem Sunder to those students and teachers proved that there is a significant difference found between students and teachers who are taught with or without the use of audio-visual aids. The teachers who participated in that program told that the use of audio-visual aid mix the subject matter very easy to understand and explain and the learners get it very quickly. Learners informed their teachers that they are getting interested in lessons with support aids which materials contribute to stimulating their interest. The whole process of audio-visual aids proves that this kind of study is the most effective and convenient way to make the learning and teaching process result-oriented and learners found these resources are useful in understanding the matter most easily.

Professor (Dr.) Prem Sunder also gave some recommendations that all teachers should be provided in-service or pre-service training which makes them capable and trained in the use of audio-visual aids, as well as education authorities should make it mandatory for all teachers to teach with technology under the direct supervision of the institution. All teachers should be guided and motivated to use maximum teaching technologies and online instruments during their teaching. It also should be mandatory for the institution to provide special labs as well as a government education fund needed for every institution. Parents can be doubtful so they must be guided about the use of audio-visual aids and should be invited to meetings where they can be educated about different types of aids. The government curriculum should be influenced using audio-visual instruments and all teachers and learners should be trained to use teaching aids. Professor (Dr.) Prem Sunders’ research is based on a remote city in India named gohana which is very useful and resourceful.

There is another exceptional example of using audio-visual aids which is a very successful story. Its name is “10minuteschool”. It is an audio-visual online education platform in Bangladesh. Making fruitful education accessible and free for every student in Bangladesh is the main objective of “10 minutes school”. It is the largest online education platform in Bangladesh at present and it ensures quality education across the country. “10 minutes school” now teaches everything through live classes & recorded, starting from class 1 to university test-related education all over Bangladesh and it reaches all the streets and has 2,50,000 students every day. Right now, Bangladesh and around the world it has 4.2 million students.

At the end of the discussion, it can be stated that the use of audio-visual aid in the teaching and learning process has multi-dimensional values that give chance to teachers to make a professional and resourceful presentation. The teaching profession is countless opportunities that enriched the academic knowledge of students with theories concepts and educational objectives to grab and influence them to think clearly. It gives students additional ways of learning information. There is a famous Chinese proverb “on seeing is worth, a hundred words”. It is fact that we receive knowledge to our senses and audio-visual aid gives teachers and learners that kind of opportunity that makes this learning process more effective.

6 thoughts on “Teaching is a Complex Process: Audio-Visual Learning

  1. Hello Ummey,
    Thank you for this informative post!
    I agree with your thought that “The use of audio-visual aids gives chances for innovative and creative practices in the classrooms.” Indeed, these aids help in making our classes innovative and students retain more when they learn something in a new manner. These aids help teachers to explain concepts in a better way and at the same time, it keeps students engaged.

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