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It is human nature to always seek knowledge. People always want to discover something new and want to share this discovery with everyone and are looking forward to getting new knowledge. The universe has always been a wonder to humans. No matter how many stories of civilizations we read, there is a strange mixture of knowledge and science as well as technologies everywhere.

Around 6000 years ago, educational technology has given Its sign which will be humanity’s finest invention. Any idea? Yes, Humans do sums on with the help of their fingers and toes and draw maps in the dust with sticks, and gather tools without advancing or any collective knowledge The Evolution of Learning Technologies.

Although there are many arguments that the first use of technology in the education system was around 2500 years ago Teaching in a digital age. On the contrary Hieroglyphics and the Egyptian oldest language combined with logographic and alphabetic symbols and written on papyrus and wood which is discovered as early as 3400 BC The Evolution of Learning Technologies, It is now still a misery to all that how they invented that kind of language on that oldest day.

3400 BC (Hieroglyphics)

The use of technology in the education system has gradually changed. The Abacus language is found after the time of Egyptian civilization’s The Evolution of Learning Technologies, The Abacus language was first recorded by Herodotus in 480 BC. It is generally believed that this language was used to account for trade goods. The process is still widely used in China.

480-425 BC (Abacus)

After this era, it will sound very strange if we say that the first analog computer was developed in 150 BC and this computer was used for astronomical calculations at that time. This machine contributed greatly to the education and knowledge of the Greeks at that time and the most interesting thing is that this computer never crashed, or its software ever needed to be updated The Evolution of Learning Technologies

.Later bird feathers were used to make a type of pen called a quill pen. The feathers of these birds were usually taken from ducks or other birds such as eagle crow etc. It was widely used in America.

700 ADS (Quill Pen)

After hundreds of years of effort and the development of human knowledge, the world today has reached a point where technological development is moving at an impossibly fast pace. Technological advancements in education have reached another level. We can now produce products with 3D printers in any place of world within very short time and work with robots. Most of the technological advancements have been in the human health education sector that directly benefits human civilization.

The use of ICT in the present world system if we want to say it started in the 1970s. And the most amazing truth is that the use of computers in the education system has been a story of consistent failure if I compare it with the success rate. Yes, some success may be found in the field of open-distance learning and military training. But if I say that the use of computers in college or university curricula did not see much success in the beginning. I have found four major phases in the history of using computers in education. The fifth: is the times of social sites and free and open content is still yet to come.

The phases are:

(1) Late 1970’s – early 1980’s: programming, drill, and practice.
(2) Late 1980’s – early 1990’s: computer-based training (CBT) with multimedia.
(3) Early 1990’s: Internet-based training (IBT).
(4) Late 1990’s – early 2000: e-Learning.
(5) Late 2000: Social software + free and open content.

(Critical) history of ICT in education – and where we are heading?

Now the question is why the success of using this technology is so marginal even though millions of dollars have been spent on it over the last few decades. The main reason for this is that if we look at the history of media, we can say that something new can never replace an old process. That is, just as the Internet could not eliminate the need for TV, TV could not eliminate the need for radio. It comes as a helper rather than a supplement to the other.

That’s why the teaching process may have changed and updated a bit but survived through all the mediums. Therefore, ICT has not completely managed the education system, but it can also be said that ICT is playing a great role in our education system as a comprehensive supporting element.

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